JoinFilms Productions is an independent Creative Studio, formed by alliance of creative artists, craftsmen and professionals from the entertainment industry. We are a legion of dreamers with a Creative bent, in pursuit of artistic nirvana.



JoinFilms Productions, was founded with an aim to go that "extra mile", in filmmaking.

We don't treat you as clients, nor take your business as projects. We see you as our audience and your work as our performance. For us, Passion still weighs over Business. We are people who have come together because they couldn't ignore their creative urges. We don't see in terms of projects. We see avenues to let our creativity explore.
We have been around in industry for over two decades. And in this span, we have garnered enough insight to Industry's functioning, that we understand understand quite well - what works and what doesn't. We are therefore driven by passion to stay away from the hazards of doing business in an unorganized setup. Our approach is governed by smart strategic planning for each and every project we undertake; namely: ad films, short films, documentaries or animation series or commercial films. We are adept in delivering results with any type of projects - be it be on a shoestring budget or one that's backed by extravagant investment.



Our business philosophy drives us to serve as a "one-stop" service provider for our clients. Our service encompasses a complete package that begins with research & ideation and ends with smile on your face, when we deliver the product. From Pre-production, to production to post-production, we cover it all.
Film Production

We aim to be the one-stop film & media solutions partner to clients from domestic and international markets.

Line Production

We provide foreign production studios, with comprehensive creative and technical support to facilitate a smooth operation from start to finish.

Trade Consultancy

Pitching your idea to prospective investors or channel sponsors is the most exerting often the most challenging part of any film or media production.







JoinFilms Productions